Around 1969, when I was 11 years old and living in Santa Barbara again, I saw in TV Guide that the movie Journey to the Center of the Earth would be shown late that night on KEYT 3. I got very excited, it was one of my favorite films and KEYT was the channel we got the best reception from on our rabbit ears because it broadcast from the big hill near our house on the SB Westside (where most of us messykins lived)
I stayed up far past my bedtime to watch it, and the movie began as I remembered it, with various intrigues involving the main characters discovering evidence inside a rock of a passageway to the earth’s center, and trying to procure climbing equipment. The characters descended into the volcanic crater that they believed held the path and the movie broke for commercial. When the movie returned the cast was washed up on the beach in the center of the earth just prior to their being pushed by lava up the shaft of a volcano back to the earth’s surface.
The entire journey had been left out of the broadcast!
I realized then that professional adults were capable of staggering fuck ups.
It was awhile before I had the opportunity again to take the Journey to the Center of the Movie.

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