Pedro is good.
People tend to stay away because it’s mainly rocks on the coast, (except for Cabrillo beach, shhh). We’re where the freeway can smell bad on approach because of the sewage processing plant in Gardena. It’s not an island, but sort of. Like Galapagos the life here grows to rare large proportions, and grows a thick carapace. But we don’t run rampant because we do have the presence of some predators. An interesting mix of ghetto and posh, old world families and new. Dirt and cleanliness. Bukowski and Dukowski. Bobby Brady and D.L. Hughley. Ambrosia and The Minutemen. Art Pepper and Krist Novoselic. Toys That Kill and Underground Railroad To Candyland.  Jumpstarted Plowhards and The Wrinkling Brothers. Where Robert Towne grew up and where Tony Scott took his flying leap. Where Joe “Pegleg” Morgan linked the Mexican mafia to the Italian mob.

Song: Doodle Trash by Todd Congelliere.