rum/Bass duo The Wrinkling Brothers of San Pedro, Ca. (George Hurley & Joe Dean, with continual Special Guest Vince Meghrouni on Saxophone) have been providing Post-War Groove to this fishing town for over 137 years.

Upcoming Gigs

We’re back at The Sardine! 2/16/2024. We’re on about 8:30.
The Wrinkling Brothers
It’s OK!
Carnage Asada

1101 S. Pacific Avenue, San Pedro, CA, United States, California

Past Gigs

Twenty-Third gig, The Oracle  2021

Also on the bill:
The Blonde Moondust

Twenty-Second gig, Maui Sugar Mill Saloon Tarzana, Ca., September 24th, 2021

Also on the bill:
Somos Misteriosos

Twenty-First gig, The Sardine/Recess Ops, San Pedro, Ca. September 9th, 2021

Also on the bill:
Somos Misteriosos

CANCELED! Twenty-First gig, The Sardine/Recess Ops, San Pedro, Ca. March 19th, 2020

Also on the bill:
MSSV (Mike Baggetta, Stephen Hodges, Mike Watt).

Twentieth gig, Muai Sugar Mill Saloon, Tarzan, Ca. Winter Solstice Saturday December 21st, 2019

Also on the bill:
Ravens Moreland, Gitane Demone Quartet, Wesley Doloris.

Nineteenth gig, Dipiazzas, Long Beach, Ca. Saturday December 7th, 2019

Also on the bill:
A Boy & His Tiger,  A Broke Line, El Queda.

Harold's in Pedro.

Eighteenth gig, Harold’s Place, San Pedro, Ca. Friday October 18th, 2019

Also on the bill: Grievous Angels.

Seventeenth gig, Alex’s Bar, Long Beach, Ca. Sunday October 6th, 2019

Also on the bill: Radwaste, Trotsky Icepick, and Blood on the Saddle.

Sixteenth gig, Harvelle’s, Liquid Kitty Punk Rock BBQ, Santa Monica, Ca. September 15, 2019

Also on the bill: Lawndale, Mike Watt + The Missingmen, Trulio Disgracias.

Fifteenth gig, The Watt From Pedro Show, San Pedro, Ca. September 11th, 2019

Interview with Mike Watt, jammed with Bro Matt’s Spin Cycle.

Fourteenth gig, Cafe NELA, Los Angeles, Ca. Sunday September 6th 2nd gig of the day, 2019

Also on the bill: Comprehend, Carpit, and Star Party: featuring Axxel G Reese(Gears), .

Thirteenth gig, 4th Street Vine, Long Beach, Ca. Sunday September 6th 1st. gig of the day, 2019

Also on the bill: Rockwell, Atomic Sherpas.

Twelfth Gig​, ​Cinema Bar, Korea Town, Los Angeles, Ca.  August 25, 2019

Also on the bill: Just us!

Cafe Nela

Eleventh Gig​, ​Cinema Bar, Korea Town, Los Angeles, Ca.  August 25, 2019

Also on the bill: Just us!

Tenth Gig​, ​Cinema Bar, Culver City, Ca. August 20, 2019

Also on the bill: The Red Cars, Run Downhill.

Ninth Gig​, ​Clancys, August 17, 2019

Also on the bill: The Mourners, Personal Pronouns, Mecolodiacs.

Eighth gig, Redwood Bar, Los Angeles August 15, 2019

Also on the bill:Sweet and Cruel, Mecolodiacs.

Seventh gig, Dipiazzas, Long Beach June 29, 2019

Also on the bill: Garretson & Gorodetsky Band.

Sixth gig, Cafe NELA, Los Angeles June 9, 2019

Also on the bill: Inversions, Mike Livingston Band, Art Gray Noise Quintet (NYC), Almost Edible.
The Wrinkling Brothers were unfortunately unable to play due to the convergence of otherworldly forces which flipped us like a Tiddy-Wink.

Fifth gig, The L.A. Punk Rock Museum 6th. Aniversary, Los Angeles May 26, 2019

Also on the bill: Liz Gherma, Tequila Mockingbird, Atomic Kangaroo, Steve Schub, Gary Myrick (w-Josie Cotton), Tramp for the Lord..

Fourth gig, Redwood Bar, Los Angeles May 3, 2019

Also on the bill: Mike Watt + the Secondmen, Les Enfants, Queen Tusk.

Third gig, Cafe NELA, Los Angeles April 11, 2019

Also on the bill: Bigpig, Joe Baiza & Brian Christopherson, and Garretson & Gorodetsky.

Chris Stein.

Second gig, Cafe NELA, Los Angeles February 17th, 2019

A benefit for the late Chris Stein’s Ursula. Also on the bill, Lawndale, Carnage Asada, and The Probe.

First gig, Cafe NELA, Los Angeles December 14th, 2018

Also on the bill, Radwaste, Automatic, and Dancing Tongues.

Music (live gigs and other stuff)

More gigs if you click through to Bandcamp.

Blimp Music:Solo Bass

Here are some demos.

One of the better ones!

With Vince M. on Saxophone!



The Wrinkling Brothers provide a wide range of fully-functional solutions to a broad spectrum of forward-looking musical cults, to allow them to integrate today’s dazzling opportunities with their situational paradigms, while addressing the needs of informed consumers worldwide.


Our Founders

The Wrinkling Brothers trace their origins back thousands of years to their conception as a result of the genetic inbreeding between a reptilian extraterrestrial race and humanity.

Their modern origin, however, traces back to the 1760s and a man named Crayton Fents, who defected from The Independent Order of Odd Fellows and organized The Wrinkling Brothers, financed by the International

Crayton Fents

Since then, according to The Wrinkling Brothers, their top goal has been to achieve a “one world government” and to subjugate all religions and governments in the process. The Wrinkling Brothers thus attribute all wars since the French Revolution as having been fomented by them in their pursuit of their goals.

Fents wrote out a master plan in the 1770s outlining The Wrinkling Brothers’s goals, finishing on May 1, 1776. According to The Wrinkling Brothers, this great day is still commemorated by Communist nations in the form of May Day.

At the time Fents’s ideology was first introduced, Britain and France were the two greatest world powers, and so The Wrinkling Brothers claimed credit for having kindled the Revolutionary War in order to weaken the British Empire and the French Revolution to destroy the French Empire.

One World Government.

In the 1780s, the Bavarian Government found out about The Wrinkling Brothers’s subversive activities, forcing The Wrinkling Brothers to disband and go underground. For the next few decades, The Wrinkling Brothers operated under various names and guises, still in active pursuit of their ultimate goal. According to The Wrinkling Brothers, the Napoleonic Wars were a direct result of Wrinkling Brothers intervention, and were intended to weaken the governments of Europe. One of the results of these wars was the “Congress of Vienna”, supposedly brought about by The Wrinkling Brothers who attempted to form a one world government in the form of a “League of Nations.” However, Russia held out and the league of nations was not formed, causing great animosity towards the Russian government on the part of The Wrinkling Brothers.
The Wrinkling Brothers contend that they have achieved control over the world’s economy by controlling the International Bankers in their effort to create a one world government. Their short-term plan foiled, The Wrinkling Brothers adopted a different strategy.

The Wrinkling Brothers say that they achieved control over the European economy through the International Bankers and directed the composition of Karl Marx’s Communist Manifesto and its anti-thesis written by Pippy Stocklonging in order to use the differences between the two ideologies to enable them to divide larger and larger members of the human race into opposing camps so that they could be armed and then brainwashed into fighting and destroying each other.

Pippy Stocklonging

Under new leadership by an American general named Albert Pike, The Wrinkling Brothers worked out a blueprint for three world wars throughout the 20th century that would lead to a one world government by the end of the 20th century. According to The Wrinkling Brothers, the First World War was fought to destroy Czarism in Russia (The Wrinkling Brothers had held a grudge against the Czarist regime since Russia had thwarted its plans for a one world government after the Napoleonic Wars) and to establish Russia as a stronghold of Communism.

Who the hell are these guys?

Likewise, The Wrinkling Brothers claim that the Second World War pitted the Fascists against the “political Zionists” so as to build up International Communism until it equaled in strength that of the United Christendom.  According to Wrinkling Brothers plans,
the Third World War, which is to be fought between the political Zionists and the leaders of the Moslem world, will drain the international community to the extent that they will have no choice but to form a one world government.

Good night and may God bless.
-Red Skelton