The unfilmed scene sits between these two sequences.

Rocco Lampone: Corleone henchman
Tony: A black man, Jack Woltz’s horse groomer

(ROCCO walks up to stable hand TONY )

Hi, my name’s Rocco Lampone, how you doing?
Tony: (suspicious) I’m doing fine. (looks down) What’s wrong with your leg?
Rocco:  No kneecap on it, got it shot off in the war, North Africa.
Tony: Lord.
Rocco: So, you been working here a long time?
Tony:  Yes sir, going on five years.
Rocco: So Mr. Woltz treats you good?
Tony: Yes sir.
Rocco: Really? That’s not what I hear.
Tony: (says nothing)
Rocco: Hmm?
Tony: He pays better than most.
Rocco: These are some nice horses you got here.
Tony: Yes sir, Mr. Woltz loves his horses. Treats them real nice.
Rocco: Better than he treats people sometimes, ay?
Tony: I wouldn’t know about that.
Rocco: He don’t like my friend Johnny Fontaine too much.
Tony: I noticed that. Everybody noticed that.
Rocco: He tried to make people think Johnny’s a communist.
Tony: He could do that, Mr. Woltz is friends with J Edgar Hoover.

(Rocco takes a large flask out of his coat pocket.)

Rocco: Do you mind if I…?

(TONY shakes his head, ROCCO takes a big swig and offers it to Tony. Tony hesitates, takes a quick glance around, and takes the flask.)

Rocco Lampone and Tony have been joined by older stablehand Deacon.
Tony, Deacon, and Rocco Lampone sit, talking and smoking cigarettes. Tony has removed his hat.

Tony: Yeah, that mother fucker… He didn’t give a shit, he didn’t care about my sis. He got her strung out, and let her dangle.
He used her up. The cops know about all his dope, they didn’t do nothing.
Deacon: He left her ass in Beluthahatchie. Acts like he don’t deal in coal. Mr. Woltz likes ‘em young too. Real young.
Tony: He acted like he was dumb to the fact, but he’s the one that gave her that shit.
Rocco: Yeah nobody deserves that. Nobody. So what do you say? You guys wanna help? You take this (Holds out a thick envelope)
And all you gotta do is leave that barn door unlocked tonight.

(TONY takes a puff of his cigarette and takes the envelope.)

Tony: Stable door.
Rocco: Yeah, stable door.

(ROCCO stands up and leaves.)

© Joe Dean