He is relaxing in his siting pit, at the edge of the forest. He had dug it weeks before, to have a hidden place to listen to the woods and his thoughts without being seen.
He becomes aware of a hum outside the pit, which is louder than is usual and concentrated in one small area.
He peers cautiously over the edge of his pit through a low mist, not wanting to reveal his presence, and sees a small swarm of flying insects spinning orbits around a flowering bush. These are ladybirds, damselflies, bees, dragonflies, and various beetles that do not normally enjoy each other’s company in such peaceful cooperation. On the ground, grasshoppers, Japanese beetles, crickets, katydids and mantises dance around the small shrub in concentric circles of opposing directions.

A shaft of sunlight illuminates a leaf-cocoon of some sort, and within the enclosure, through the semi-translucent leaves something is wiggling vigorously. The leaf-bud slowly opens, and he is astonished to see a tiny human form curled inside, bathed in leaf-filtered green light. As the small infant warms in the sun, it yawns and stretches, pushing against and further opening its birth cell, causing trapped rain water to spill on a dancing beetle’s back. A garden spider wraps a thread around the leaf pod, a grasshopper chews through the stalk, and the spider gently lowers it to its bower on the forest floor.

The crowd of insects begins a chorus of singing, producing a buzzing music like water ringing through harp strings. A hummingbird feeds the small human flower-nectar, taking turns with a large caterpillar bending leaf stems to drip dew into its mouth. Several motherly spiders quickly spin a dense web between neighboring stems as beetles flick bits of leaf, tiny twigs and moss into this loom. As the baby finds its feet and stands, a dragonfly hums down and tears the web cloak from its mooring, sliding it over the small human’s arms. As a breeze swells, a finch drops a flower, crowning the baby’s head.

He realizes that while he has been observing this, he has begun singing along with the insects, with words and a tune strange to him, but which seem to rise up from the soil though his feet to his body like water through tree roots. As he continues watching, the wind grows stronger, the little person raises its arms, the cloak catches the growing wind, and the Green Baby lifts off the ground, floating off through the mist to parts unknown.