I love Andrei Tarkovsky so much. He made films that explore humans in such subtle, deep and revealing ways, that I can only marvel. Sci-fi that is about ideas, not special effects. Visuals that, pre-computer, rely on in-camera effects, and slowly, quietly, blow my mind. A love and concern with beautiful, reflective surfaces; mirrors, water, glass, the inside of people’s heads. Different characters, played by the same actors, long, lingering takes, unconventional narrative structures, these are all just some of the things to love about this man’s films.
When I talk to people about my affection for Tarkovsky, I tell them that he’s similar to Ingmar Bergman, but without all of the fast paced action and comedy. I get a laugh from some, blank stares from others.
Tarkovsky’s is unapologetic, Art with a capital A, it makes no concessions to anyone. The over-used term Visual Poetry, applies perfectly to his work.
If you are willing to let go of the usual Hollywood tropes of fast cuts, short takes, fast action, and multiple frame rates, and take an almost meditative approach to viewing a film, there is a World to discover in this late, great, man’s sadly too small body of work.

Water motif.

Cinema of the Soul .

Fire scene, The Mirror.

The cinematic glide.

Poetic harmony.

Five Minutes Of Andrei Tarkovsky.