Hey Joe!
Here’s the possible set list. I will tailor it to your needs. I figure the tunes you want to play on we will put at the end of the set.
Let me know if you would like to do a tune that I didn’t send you and I will make a chart for it.
I put two versions of three of the tunes in the playlist (11th Hour15th Cup,  and The Jungle line), in case that might be helpful.

I made a space for one improv in the set, we can drop tunes and do more improv if you like.

George and I are going to start recording a record soon at Catasonic and we hope you will play on some of it.
– Joe D

1.Gross National Poverty
2.Elektra’s Plumbing Problem
3.Vitamin C
4.Can’t You Just Stay Away From Him?
5.All Right For You
6.Anaconda Feet

Enter Joe B —————
7.Eleventh Hour
8.I’m Still Glad
9.Goodbye the Coastline
10. Improv – Jethro Bodine’s Shoes
11.Fifteenth Cup Off The Same Old
12.The Jungle line (Joni Mitchell cover)